Starry Kalahari

Deep in the Kalahari Desert, beneath the starry still of night, nocturnal creatures awake and begin their evening escapades. This story guides the reader through a journey of poetry, facts and fascination from the deepest of night, to the first glint of dawn in the beautiful setting of Africa.

Starry Kalahari is an ward-winning 275-word nonfiction picture book manuscript.

Starry Kalahari Wins Again

WOW!!! STARRY KALAHARI WON the 2012 SCBWI Promising Picture Book Award!!! Thank you to Rubin Pfeffer for nominating my manuscript and a HUGE thank you to SCBWI!

"Selected from manuscripts submitted for individual critique at the SCBWI Annual Conference in Los Angeles, the Promising Picture Book Award is given to a picture book manuscript deemed most promising for publication. Critiquers at the Los Angeles conference nominate the finalists. A three-member panel of writers make the final selection after the conference. The winner receives $500 to help them finish their manuscript and submit it to publishers."

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